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Way To Go! Saraswati River Springs Back To Life After 4000 Years

The Saraswati river has been revived after 4000 years! Yes, you heard us right!

The Haryana Government’s lost river plan has met with a roaring success. As the long lost holy river Saraswati has sprung back to life. Festivities have already begun in the Mugalwali Village of Yamunagar district of Haryana. Imagine the joy and shock when a pit which was supposed to be the womb of the river witnessed water gushing from all sides.

The river is believed to have vanished 4000 years ago due to an earthquake. The local panchayat secretary was seen narrating the entire incident, stating that the river came to life around 1 pm, when almost 80 villagers were digging the pit. As they went deeper, the water quantity kept increasing.

However, if you are still skeptical, we are happy to inform you that water has been reported gushing in all pits. The village has already been transformed into a religious destination, where people are flocking to have the first taste of the holy water. The river is believed to originate from the Adi Badri area and flows right through 41 villages of the district.

The Chief Ministers office has also sprung into action and granted Rs 50 crore for the revival of the river. On the whole, the village and its folks stand to benefit from the revival of the river.

The water is holy or not, but it sure is a blessing in disguise for the villagers.

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