Watch How A Simple Thing Like Mom’s Food Became An Emotional High


Brilliance at work is how this can be best explained!

Two very emotional mothers get in touch with each other through a ‘Mothers Exchange Programme’ discuss their sons’ favourite dishes, share recipes and teach each other how to make them.

The ad shows two mothers, one in Chennai and the other in Jodhpur, talking about their sons and how much they miss them.

Their sons have travelled across the country to study – Chennai resident Santosh in IIT Jodhpur and Jodhpur’s Vivek in IIT Chennai. Santosh and Vivek talk about their exciting new lives away from home. “But still I miss my home,” says Santosh, adding that he misses his mum’s food the most.

What happens next is nothing short of brilliant.

After many phone calls, ingredient-hunting and video chats, both mothers manage to almost-perfect each other’s dishes for their ‘new’ sons.

Watch the sons reacting to their maa ke haath ka swaad in the video below. And don’t be surprised if you tear up a little, or a lot.

Maa Ke Haath Ka Khaana Is The Best….!



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