Watch Alert! This Take On Parents Can Be Fatal For Your Health!


Watch alert! Living with your parents is an adventure, one of Jumanji level. They simply are the most amazing people in your life. They teach you to eat, sleep not rave but do what Sharmaji’s son is doing repeat. Indian middle class parents are the people with most not interesting life yet most interesting logic. They have 2 million ways to say no to what the child wants.

Comedian Karunesh Talwar has this hilarious take on parents. The way they want things and don’t want things. He talks about the extremes and bizarre habits of Indians parenting. How a simple request for going out, can turn into life lesson.

If there is something you could relate to on the internet today, it’s simply this video. There is nothing wrong with parenting, it is just that there are a few things that need to logified. Because somewhere or the other we are lacking logic in life. Kudos to parenthood anyway!

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