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Women If You Want To Look Pretty, Have Beer Please!


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If you think that beer will make you alcoholic and that we are suggesting that you start drinking, then you seriously need to grow up. Ladies beer drinking has more benefits than you can imagine. In fact, if you want to look pretty and young get into the habit of having a glass once in a while. What it can do for you hair, nothing else can.

Get shiny hair

Image Source
Image Source

Beer is rich in Vitamin B, which is great for repairing damaged and lifeless hair. It can give volume to your hair and also reduce itchiness and dandruff. All you need to do is add four to five tablespoons of beer to the last rinse of water and pour it over your scalp. Let it be for a few minutes and then rinse. Or simply grab a beer shampoo!

Get baby soft feet

Image Source
Image Source

Why go to a parlor for a pedicure when you can do a foot spa at home. Beer is rich in yeast that can help in making skin soft and clean. And don’t forget the alcohol in your favourite draught will also work as an antiseptic and remove any smell causing bacteria from your feet. In a tub of water, empty half a can of beer, you can sip the other half while you soak your feet. Soak for ten minutes, wash and moisturize your feet.

Get glowing skin

Image Source
Image Source

Beer can also be used in a face mask. The vitamins and yeast in it will work hard to remove all the toxins from your face and also regulate the sebum. If you have acne, then be sure to try this mask soon. Just mix together egg white, yogurt, almond oil and half a cup of beer. Blend and apply on your face. Keep for ten minutes and then rinse.

Revive your youth

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Image Source


Beer is like a dose of rejuvenation for your stressed and tired skin. It has antioxidants which can slow the ageing process and reduce inflammation caused by pollution and stress.


If you don’t have time for any of these hit methods, just drink a glass every now and then and give much-needed boost to your skin.

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