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Some Wacky And Weird Gifts Celebrities Have Picked!

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Love is free in this world, but expressing that love can be a different ball game altogether. Look at what some celebrities gifted their loved ones.

6 Kanye West

On his wife’s birthday, he gave her the most weird gift. He gave Kim Kardashian a portrait of her in which she is just wearing a thong and her Christian Louboutin shoes. And as expected it cost a fortune.

5 Angelina Jolie

Angelia has given Brad Pitt some of the most romantic and weird gifts till date. She gave him a waterfall in California and a two hundred years old olive tree once. Both the things dented her pocket by a small fortune.

4 David Beckham

David and Victoria are watched by people and media 24/7. So when he gives her a gift it has to make headline. David gifted his wife a vineyard in Napa Valley, California. This was her 34th birthday gift.

3 Tom Cruise

Tom is known to have great taste and style. After marrying Katie Holmes in 2006, he wanted to give her a gift she would remember for life. So he got her a fully customized jet for a Gulf-stream. It was priced at a staggering twenty million dollars.

2 Courteney Cox

Jennifer Aniston has been a friend with her since ages. So when Jennifer wanted to try her hand at cycling, her friend got her the perfect gift – a customized cycle from Chanel. Mind you, it was no ordinary cycle. It had a quilted seat in leather and pant clips with jewels.

1 Kelly Rowland

She made the mistake of disclosing the sex of Beyonce’s unborn child by mistake. So in order to make amends, she got her friend a $5,200 bath tub for the baby, Blue Ivy. This was no ordinary gift, the baby bath tub was covered with imported crystals.



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