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Does anyone know who Hridesh Singh is? Have you heard this name before? It doesn’t sound very familiar. In fact it’s so unfamiliar that even ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh’ would have forgotten that it’s his real name. My sympathies with the parents, whose efforts at his naamkaran just went ‘yo yo’.

We all ought to know and remember his name. Because this one man has singlehandedly changed the shape and future of Punjabi music industry. Earlier, we wasted our time on eulogizing the pretty damsel’s ‘koka’ ‘parandi’, ‘dupatta’ and not even being sure whether the hero would get her in the end. But with the Honey Singh songs, we’re straightaway talking business. We’re directly focusing on a woman’s lush butt running tantalizingly against a man’s body. Now it’s party times always and with the one-night stands, we can’t be bothered with love and its essence. No more Heer Ranjha please! We want more and more of “kudiye ni tere brown rang ne, munde patt te ni saare mere town de….”

I think Honey Singh’s greatest inspirations are probable ‘Drugs, Sex and Dhokha’. I think no man has done more service to women upliftment – literally and symbolically than him. I think he deserves to be made the brand ambassador of the ‘beti bachao’ campaign because there isn’t anyone else who is so woman centric. The ‘blue eyes’ and the ‘high heels’ and the ‘brown rang’ and the ‘lakk 28 kudi da’ makes him a crusader for women emancipation.

With this dose of the promiscuous, the floodgates of the music industry have opened like a parched man getting a drop of water to drink. So every Tom, Dick and Harry (in actuality Talvinder, Deepinder and Harvinder) are now singing about how girls are now with the ‘dope’ in a party on a Saturday night. Now these are true Punjabis like our dear bhaaji Honey Singh who flamboyantly declares he has ‘chaar botal vodka’ to be a ‘sharaabi’. In doing so, he’s an icon to our hopelessly addicted youth in Punjab. Some enlightened singers following “Yo Yo” are even trying their hand at being social reformists by singing ‘Enna vi na dope shope marya karo…” This sensitivity of Punjabi singers to the drug and alcohol addiction of Punjab brings tears to my eyes.

In this poignant moment, I thank all the singers who with the vulgarity and superficial lyrics have turned the land of Shiv Batalvi, Bulle Shah and Bhagat Singh into a land of ‘pataka kudi’, and asking her ‘dasde saanu ki hai rate” of her charms, clothes and ‘hotness’?.

Welcome to the land where now the woman is just a commodity. So our dear Honey Singh and company, can we now have a new song on treating the woman as a piece of furniture?

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