Voice Of His Shadow


Shadows were deep inside his mind
Lurking in the dark of his soul
Reaching out to abuse his soul
But he was young and pure as snow.
His shine was his shield
And his smile was his weapon.

The shadow couldn’t touch him
For he was the enchanting sun
The shadows buried deep inside
Hide in his deepest minds.

But the sun had to set and the nights had to fit
In the twilight he got the glimpse
Of shadows moving in the lights so dim
He reached out to see what hides,
He saw the face of the dark within
The shadows laughed and danced in his vision.
While his body lost its will
The shadows gave him strength
And trapped his soul beside
To see the dark of world or the dark of him
He screamed and screamed
To the things he now did
And the shadow smirked.

Oh lil d’ling!
I am u burrowed in your deepest of mind
Your darkest soul are my guns and knife.
While your heart is the shield
I use when I burn all sides.

But you will have you and I shall be gone
When the day is dark n dark is moon
When the twinkling stars are blurred with clouds,
When heat is gone and so is love
When cold is heart and deep is wound

The day I leave is your actual Doom.

Shriya Dixit
Shriya Dixit
Am a young girl from the city known as the Queen of Hills. Currently pursuing Bachelor's in Business Administration in Kolkata, but I love penning my thoughts down...


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