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Visit These Places Before They Disappear Forever!

Some fascinating locations in our country won’t be there for our next generation to see. So check the list and visit them soon, before they disappear forever.

1. The Western Ghats

The Western Ghats are under the hawk eye of developers and builders. It is not long before they will fall under the hammer. It has 300 rare species of animal and birds which you can still see.


2. Rakhigarhi

Most of us have read about the Indus Valley Civilization in our school text books. Visit Haryana to see these historical sites which are being plundered and looted, and will soon disappear.


3. Rama Setu

A new shipping canal project if cleared by the government will damage Lord Rama’s bridge to Lanka forever. When you visit Tamil Nadu, ensure you go and see this historical connection.


4. Sunderbans

Another UNESCO Heritage Site which will soon disappear. And once that happens, the royal Bengal tiger will only be found in books. Visit it soon.


5. Dechen Namgyal Monastery

Located in Ladakh, this monastery dates back to the 17th century. Lack of finances have led to its sorry state, soon it will mix in the dust.


6. Balpakram Forest

This mysterious forest in the state of Meghalaya is believed to be the resting place of the dead. But dams and mines planned for the area are all set to take it over. Visit for a paranormal adventure.


Don’t crib to Khurki later on that we also didn’t tell you….


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