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Virat Kohli Takes Stand For Anushka, Shuts Every Hater On Net!



The huge victory of Team India against Australia in T20 World Cup last evening saw the social media being flooded with memes and puns. Like every match, best moments are either caught in pictures or online memes. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – all mediums were turned into a boiling volcano of jokes and puns. And with the match getting over, the volcano just spilled over and all you got on your news feed was IndvsAus jokes.

This time, Virat was the butt of not only compliments but also jokes. All over the internet, people showered immense love for the cricketer. But, overpowering all of them were the people making fun of Anushka Sharma for no reason. The entire nation has been talking about their love affair and the subsequent breakup, but some just overstepped sensitivities and made fun of their personal equation in public.

Some Heartless Trolls On Virat Kohli’s Past:

anushka joke

Anushka MEme

But Virat couldn’t take it any more and shut one and all with this message.

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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