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If Village Scenario Is Your Calling, Head To These Villages!

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India is indeed a country of villages and a large population still lives in the village. But did you know there are some villages in India where less than 100 people live at one time. If you are looking for peace, tranquility and isolation, head to one of these villages and experience a different kind of sanctuary for a few days. These hidden treasures are calling you.

5 Ha Village, Arunachal Pradesh

The name is small and the size is even smaller. This is a tribal village located in Longding Koling area of the state. The village has stunning natural beauty and the village also has Menga Caves, which shouldn’t be missed.

4 Shansha, Himachal Pradesh

This village only has 72 houses and is also just 27kms from Keylong. The people on the Tandi-Kishtwar route stop here for a break. It has a greenhouse at 10,000 feet. The way the locals are surviving here is an inspiration.

3 Skuru, Jammu and Kashmir

If you want to take a break in this village of 52 houses, then get ready to trek for four days. You can reach Sasposte in a jeep and then walk from there. The people are warm and welcome you in their homes. Believe us when we say that this trek at 10,000 feet is worth every step you take.

2 Kanji, Leh

This village is located at 12,600 feet and the closest town to it is Kargil. It is at the base of Kanji river, and you need to cross that like the locals if you want to reach the market.

1 Nitoi, Nagaland

Is without doubt one of the most beautiful and underrated villages in the country. The village might be small but it is easily accessible. The is eight hours away from Kohima. The people of this village are warm and welcoming.



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