Watch Sanitary Pad Ads Being Dissected, A Laugh Riot!


You all must have heard phrases like “that time of the month”, “mahine ke woh dino”, “with the moon”, “ladkiyon wali problem”, “down”, et al. Well, they all refer to the menstruation cycle in a coded language.

Going by this attitude that people of our country have towards a very natural phenomenon, how could sanitary napkin ad makers have not exploited the issue to the fullest. I mean look at all that creativity that goes into making a selling proposition out of a concept that we talk about in hushed tones.

In this video by Aditi Mittal, she clearly explains how weird and unrealistic it is when people talk about sanitary napkins. And on the other hand, advts. showing a single pad soaking the whole pond is indeed WTF!

This girl will definitely change your perception about the way people talk about menstruation. For every female out there, it is a must watch cause you will relate to it so well that you will definitely have a great laugh. And every male should watch this, because if you get it you will laugh out loud indeed. But if you don’t get it, then go and get some lessons from a female you know freaking alien!!

Watch: Dissecting Sanitary Pad Ads Is Indeed A Laugh Riot!

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