Why are social media users freaking out over this bizarre nail art?


Just when we thought eccentric nail art couldn’t get any weirder after the viral live scorpion trend, we came across the creepy style that involved various facial expression with hair extensions! And if that didn’t set off some alarms already, now a video of nail art, showing delivery of a baby has left people disturbed and flabbergasted at the same time. And no, it’s not a doctored video going viral. It is an example of bizarre nail art…

In the footage going viral on Instagram, Russian manicure specialist known as Nail Sunny recently uploaded a jaw-dropping video showing a detailed birth procedure, where a small figure of a woman dressed in a pink hospital gown and scrub cap and is seated on a chair. And the tiny “baby” is born as much like a forceps delivery! To make it really uncanny, with a small scalpel the specialist is seen literally cutting the “umbilical cord” and placing the little one on the mother’s arm.

And, the same house produces this one too…

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