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The Last Post Of Veenu Paliwal From Her All-India Trip!


Devashish Vaid
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Though we lost a brave woman like Veenu Paliwal, an independent bike enthusiast, but her life is something we need to learn a couple of lessons from.

Nursing the dream of biking since college days, Veenu didn’t let anything come in her way. Though her affair with biking began when she was still in college, her husband never supported her passion.

But after a divorce, this mother of two managed to turn her dream of biking into reality, having traversed half of the country on different bikes. Having left her two kids behind might make her soul a little restless, but we are sure she went satisfied.

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She wanted to document her nationwide journey, but unfortunately death cut her desire short. But still, her life was full of life during her last few days. Here are a few pictures of Veenu Paliwal from her last trip.

Veenu Paliwal2 Veenu Paliwal3 Veenu Paliwal4 Veenu Paliwal5 Veenu Paliwal6 Veenu Paliwal7 Veenu Paliwal8 Veenu Paliwal9 Veenu Paliwal10

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