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Buying A New Flat Or Moving In? Keep These 10 Vastu Tips In Mind



Vastu shastra is an ancient science of architecture and construction. These are texts that describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry.

Vastu shastra incorporates traditional Hindu and in some cases Buddhist beliefs.

The designs are intended to integrate architecture with nature, the relative functions of various parts of the structure, and ancient beliefs utilizing geometric patterns, symmetry and directional alignments.

Though most of the architects keep vastu factors in mind while designing and planning their property, there are certain things to watch out for.

Whilst these tips could be crucial to your flat or apartment living, sometimes the most important thing for you to consider when you are house hunting is to find a property that you are truly in love with. If you aren’t in love with the place you have picked, then you may not be as happy living there than what you would if you were in another apartment or flat. That is why research into Vastu shastra and different properties could be vital to your happiness. When looking for Unique Properties, Loft Apartments, Penthouses, Space Station may have just what you are looking for in a home as well as having many different options to show you. It’s not just about falling in love with a property that is considered to be the most important when looking for a house of your own as you need to think about other things before making that final decision.

So, what are the things one should keep in mind while selecting a flat or an apartment?

1. The main door should be in east, north or west direction. South should be avoided

2. Keep your main entrance well-lit and decorated with auspicious signs. This brings positive energy in the flat

3. Kitchen should be in south east or north west direction


4. North-East part of the flat should be kept clean and used for puja/meditation


5 Master bedroom should be in the south-west part of the flat


6. Kids room should be in north/north-west part of the flat


7. Keep your flat clutter free as this helps in harmonious living

clutter free

8. Dark Colours like black, blue and red should be avoided

9. Study room should be in north-east, north-west, north, west, east corners

10. Light and air coming from east and north in the flat brings positive energy for the occupants

Manu Rao
Manu Rao
Vastu consultant by profession! Can be reached at Or Twitter @M_S_Rao

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