Vacation Destinations For Chocolate Lovers!!


Vacations are meant to be a time for indulgence and with festival season round the corner, you’ll have tons in hand.

So, why not spend these vacations doing something you are passionate about. You must have heard of adventure travel and wine tours, well, why not chocolate tourism? Lovers of chocolate can’t miss these fabulously decadent destinations to indulge in their love for chocolates. You may even be able to find a place on Rental Cloud to stay around these locations!

Here are some destinations you’ll be at a loss if missed this vacation..

1. Brussels, Belgium


Brussels is a must visit place for anyone with a sweet tooth. The capital and the largest city of Belgium has also been called the Chocolate Capital of the World. It’s flooded with umpteen number of chocolate shops – in fact, there are more chocolatiers here per square foot than in any other city in the world. Brussels is also home to two of the biggest chocolate companies on the planet, Godiva and Leonidas. Chocolate is so entrenched in Belgium that last year to honour its national delicacy, the Belgian Post Office issued five stamps that smell and taste of chocolate!

2. Paris, France


Paris pastries are pleasure incarnate. Pain au chocolat is just one example of the city’s ability to incorporate chocolate into something classic yet versatile, simple yet thoroughly delightful. This is your first dessert to taste your way through the Parisian chocolates. When it comes to chocolate, France is also the big daddy of Dark chocolate. Walking tours also offer the chance to taste your way around the city while learning about the history of chocolate too.

3. Zurich, Switzerland



If you’re into milk chocolate, there’s no better place to go than Zurich. Switzerland consumes more chocolate than any other country in the world. The brand Lindt, is the most celebrated brand of chocolate here. One of the main attractions in Zurich is the Lindt & Sprungli chocolate factory which offers a museum chronicling the company’s history, an entertaining tour and lots of free chocolate tasting.

4. Ooty, India


The hill stations of India have always been known for their unique, home made chocolates and Ooty, the Queen of Hill Stations, has some of the best varieties. Ooty chocolates are satisfyingly rich and very popular with the kids. Try Moddy’s Chocolates, the oldest chocolate makers in Ooty.

5. New York, USA


The Big Apple is home to several top-end chocolate shops. When in New York, you absolutely must visit Jacques Torres’ boutiques, where you can watch chocolate being made and sample some delectable offerings. In SoHo, you’ll find the boutique chocolate shop Kee’s as well as the artful creations of Marie-belle. And if you’re in the mood to splurge, the 2-hour New York City Luxury Chocolate Tour is for you! The Hershey’s Building and M & M World at Times Square, NYC are also must visits for any chocolate lover. And if you crave a warm, gooey chocolate cookie, make a quick visit to Levain Bakery for a fantastic chocolate chip walnut and chocolate chip cookies.

6. Oaxaca, Mexico


Chocolate is deeply woven into Oaxaca’s history and culture. The ancient Mesoamericans in the region were the world’s very first chocolatiers, cultivating chocolate as far back as 1100 BC, and Mexico has continued to produce it ever since. In Oaxaca, you can’t walk down any street without being offered it in some form, whether it’s a hot beverage, pastry or candy. Perhaps, the best “sweet street” in Oaxaca is Mina Street.

7. Barcelona, Spain


Spain is a cacophony of sights, sounds, and smells – and the whiff of chocolate this world-class city has to offer you will be exotic. They treat themselves with chocolate for breakfast! When in Barcelona, try the Churros (fried fingers of dough) dipped in a thick, hot chocolate or a Croissant de Xocolata (chocolate croissant), both widely available at most cafes. Visit Cafe Dulcinea where you can get soft, cake-like Melindres again dunked in hot chocolate or head to Cacao Sampaka for their sweet & spicy 80% cacao Asteca hot chocolate.

8. Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA


You can consider it to be the sweetest place on earth. Hershey is synonymous with the famous chocolate made there. In fact, Hershey is not a city in itself, it was established as a model town for the workers of Hershey’s chocolate factory. But today it’s complete family entertainment hub.

So, you know where to head these vacations.

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