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Will The Useless Bachelors Of 2015 Please Stand Up!

This year has passed very quickly. Like many before, one would say!

But only a few of us managed to achieve great heights while most of us are as useless as we were. This country belongs to the youth and we have the best and worst of them. We all know the population of failures in Bollywood and the elite world is nothing less than what you think about it.

So, close to the end of 2015 we bring you the best of worst and the most-useless bachelors we could list out!

KHURKI brings you the un-taken and useless bachelors of India 2015:

12 Rahul Gandhi

The man who is trolled every now and then for his comments and at times for no reason.

11 Tushhar Kapoor

He is bearable on screen when he has no dialogues but just “maio ye”!

10 KRK

Oh yes. He is yet another bachelor, the Mr Know It All of Bollywood and the desperate controversy seeker.

9 Uday Chopra

This rich brat belongs to the biggest film makers of the industry, yet they are not ready to spend or waste their wealth on him, so sad!

8 Adhyayan Suman

Once a wise man trolled him with father-son duo picture saying “multi-talented dad and merely talented son”.

7 Mahaakshay Chakroborty

He is Mimoh or may be Jimmy or who cares, but his dad definitely should show some sarcasm and say Kya baat, kya baat, kya baat to him every day!

6 Harman Baweja

The cheap copy of Hrithik’s look and Sonu Nigam’s voice (we do not mean singing). But hell yeah, he used to be in news for dating Qauntico queen Priyanka Chopra!

5 Sikander Kher

His mother is amazingly talented and even judges talent shows on national television, yet this gone case is at home.

4 Vatsal Seth

The star of the Tarzan the wonder car is yet another useless bachelor you see in bits and parts and that too in side roles.

3 Girish Kumar

Another failure born with a silver spoon to a producer father is certainly the useless!

2 Siddhanth kapoor

His father Shakti Kapoor is so talented that when he is a villain he is awesome & when he is a comedian, he is par excellence. Not just that, his sister is also multi talented but he will be the one who will be drowning the success ship of the family.

1 Luv Sinha

This guy came with one film Sadiyaan, the film was such sh**t that since then BJP is after his father!

At least these bachelors got featured somewhere!

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