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The So Very Useful, Yet Underrated Coconut Oil!


Coconut oil is the newest green obsession. It’s not only good as a food or cooking oil, it has many other useful benefits around the house and even your own wellbeing. Its unique combination of fatty acids can have profound positive effects on health. This includes fat loss, better brain function and various other amazing benefits.


Today, KHURKI tells you about the super exciting uses of our very own coconut oil. Read and try them yourself to believe:

1 Skin care

Buying expensive skin care products full of harmful chemicals are yesterday’s news. If you are looking for more natural ingredients then try this home-based super useful oil! It leaves your skin looking fresh and so alive. But using too much on your face can clog your pores and lead to a breakout of spots, for that you may have to use private label cbd oil to fix it.

But even with this caution, coconut oil can be a great natural moisturizer. Combine it with shea butter or vitamin E and congratulations, you have beaten the beauty industry at their own game!

2 Bronze Polish

Source: effinger.us

Coconut oil can help remove the dirt and grime in your old bronze trinkets. Rub a little into bronze items to clean and deepen the colour. All you have to do is rub a little oil into a cotton towel and then wipe it down. Don’t use too much or you will have an oily trinket. Coconut oil is said to be a good wood polish as well but it depends on the type of wood and if it is already varnished.

3 Coffee Creamer

In replacement of higher calorie coffee creamers such milk and sugar, stir a little coconut oil into your coffee for a sweet and healthy touch. Make sure to stir it in well! If you notice it floating to the top, try stirring partway through your drink, or just add a little less next time.

Source: scratchmommy

4 Gum Remover

Coconut oil works just as effectively in removing sticky chewing gum. Apply oil to gum and let sit for a couple of minutes before removing it.

5 Make-Up Remover

Source: stylecraze

Make-up is on your face. Your face is something you would like to protect. So when it comes to removing make-up, don’t turn for harsher store bought products. Go instead to coconut oil, which gently and safely removes all traces of make-up. Just make sure to cleanse your face with a gentle water-based cleanser afterwards. Remember, the oil can clog pores if you are not careful and use too much.




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