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Breaking News: USA Labels Haldiram’s As ‘Unsuitable’ For Consumption

The consequences of banning Maggi in India have started to show.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Haldiram’s has been undeclared unsuitable for consumption by the food inspectors in US.

The report states that products from Haldiram’s have pesticides and other bacteria in very harmful levels. And once the FDA states that, there’s very little that you can do.

Haldiram’s is not the only Indian brand under the scanner. Certain products from Britannia have also been rejected. According to the report, the level of pesticides in these products have been found to be very high. You will be shocked to know that products from Haldiram’s have been refused import 86 times.

The products that have been most hit by this ban are the fried and the baked ones. They have been declared unfit for consumption by humans. Please read on to know what the report says about Haldiram’s cookies, wafers and biscuits.

“They are putrid, filthy and decomposed. They were adulterated and even poisonous.”

Haldiram’s was quick to refute all the the charges and reiterate that their food was safe and in compliance with US Laws.

Even in 2014, products from India were rejected.

All we have to say that a world without Maggi and Haldiram’s will be very sad…

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