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Break Monotony, Treat Your Valentine With Unusual Drinks!


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On this Valentine Day, try something different. Quit the idea of having rum and coke or vodka, and try these unusual combinations. They are sure to give you a kick and impress your date as well. And if she repeats her order, you know the effort was worth it.

Try the French 75

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Image Source

Upgrade your drink from mimosas and try this one for a change. All you need to do is mix gin with champagne, sugar and fresh lemon juice. This citrus and champagne combo is sure to impress you.


Try the Twelve Mile Limit

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Image Source

If she is a fan of Long Island Iced tea, then she will surely love this drink. Mix together rye whiskey, brandy, lemon juice, grenadine, and white rum. It can’t get boozier than this.


Try the Vancouver

Martini Vancouver

If she is a martini lover, then this drink will surely surprise her. Mix together sweet vermouth, Benedictine, gin and orange bitters. This Canadian drink manages to impress one and all.


Try the Diamondback

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Image Source

This will surely impress Manhattan lover’s cocktail. Mix together applejack, green Chartreuse and Rye whiskey. A great drink to make Valentines extra special.


Try the Caipirinha

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Image Source

This is an upgraded version of mojito. Mix together lime, sugar and Cachaca. Make your day extra special by treating your Valentine to this drink from Brazil. This Latin American drink impresses one and all with its simplicity.


Try the El Presidente

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Image Source

If your date likes rum and coke, then you must try El President this Valentine. Mix together pineapple juice, rum, fresh lime juice and grenadine. This version without the fizz will impress you with its fruitiness.


Try the Humble Pie

Image Source
Image Source


If vodka and soda is your drink, then this upgraded version will surely win your heart. Mix together lemon juice, club soda, vodka and aperol. You can call it the perfect boozy soda for Valentines.


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