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DYK, There Are 6 Other Types Of Milk To Choose From?


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There is a milk type for each one of us. And all this while you thought there is only type, or maybe two, assuming that you were breastfed.

Take your pick and go on a milky journey with us.

1. The modest raw milk

This is the milk that comes straight from the cow. It is not pasteurized. If you were a gora you wouldn’t dare drink it in fear of food-borne illness, but if you would be my Jat friend, a glass of raw milk would make your day.

2. The delightful almond milk

If you haven’t tasted it yet, you are surely missing out on something. And please note that it is very low on fat and cholesterol. Perfect to have after a jog.

3. The creamy rice milk

You get it in every flavour and if we didn’t tell you, you might mistake it for regular milk. It is a boon for people with allergies and has almost no protein.

4. The quintessential soya milk

Everybody in the gym must be talking about it and you are still in two minds. Yes it is basically soya extract mixed with water and a natural sweetener. But if the Chinese are having it, we need to take a cue from them.

5. Try bakri ka doodh or goat’s milk

Half the world consumes it. We didn’t know that, sorry Mrs Cow. It is less allergenic than the cow’s milk and is naturally homogenized. The closest relative to mom’s milk.

6. How can we forget buttermilk/saadi apni lassi

It is a tangy form of milk from which fat and lactose have been removed. Wonderful to quench the thirst in summers.



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