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Find Out What Type Of Flirt Are You?

So many one liners from god knows what all kinda road romeos, but does it even help??

Flirts can actually get a li’l too cheesy.. It does get on ones nerves at times.. You feel like arrrgggh koi is bhen ke #@$% ko lejao nahi to i’ll break his nose..!!

Here are the different types of flirting, FYI please:

1. E-flirting

Why talk to anyone when you can simply like their FB pic and comment Gr8 pic or 100/100 or the worst one.. Atttt…tttt..tttt..ttt with a never ending tttttttt..!!

types of flirting

2. Touchy Flirting

Well, now this one type is totally a turn off unless the guy is like tooooo super HOT. Basically, it is a type where you could be touched even for the tiniest thing you say..ouuu how aaaare youuuu..touch touch touch..long tiiieeeemmm…touch touch…look at you, you’ve turned so hot…touch cheeks, arms and more…STOP…grrrr…!!!

types of flirting

3. Stupid Flirting

Now this one’s like the most common type of flirting guys…basically something that each one of does in our flirtroutines (If that’s even a word). This is the type in which you tend to ask for help in things that you could easily do yourself. Example – can you help me attach a file to my mail…DUH or laugh at the most bizarre joke ever just to score a mark and the commonest of all – agree to the thing which you completely disagree to and even smile while nodding – Damn you..!!

types of flirting


4. Drunk Flirting

Though it could turn rowdy at times, but this one’s surely the most true and transparent type of flirting. It is said that when one gets high, his actual self speaks out and that’s exactly what happens here too. In case the person has some greedy intentions towards you, then buddy better be cautious, ‘coz he might end up throwing it all at you in his drunk self..!!

types of flirting


5. Over Flirting

Hell ya, I’ve seen this and that too a lot..but personally I hate it..!! Starting from the parking guy to the bouncers to the bar guy and who not, this type flirts with the entire just need to cross their path..!!

types of flirting


Also, here are the insights of flirting by Lilly Singh:

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Team Khurki
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