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Twitter Rains After Cricket India Maintains Losing Streak!

‘Losing for the fourth time would have been too mainstream, so they decided to lose again, but in a remarkable manner’.

Talking about the 4th ODI played between India and Australia in the Victoria Bitter Series, it was not just a match but a marvelous bonus disposed on the opponent; where the Indian team fearlessly climbed the cliff but fell down pinch before the winning point.

India vs Australia_khurki.netWhere Dhoni accepts the thing and takes the blame on himself saying, “I’m not angry, I’m disappointed. This was one game we should have batted much better. I’ll take responsibility, I should have carried on but I got out.

“There was a bit of pressure on the youngsters. International cricket is all about pressure, you think about the right shot. You realize you have to take a bit more time and take the game slightly to the end.”

We’re quite sure that Sakshi would be in your support and so are we Mr Captain as you were the turning point of the game and now probably it’s time to improve or move. If you get it!

Die-hard Indian fans were quite smush-faced after the loss of series by 4-0 where the two centurians- Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan were the only ones seen playing their role to perfection.

dhawan-kohli_khurki.netHere’s how Twitter drenched with sarcasm and criticism:

That Emotional One:

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