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A Girl Tweeted To PM Narendra Modi Wanting His Stole, And He Sent It To Her!

This is the power of social media. At times we see celebs wearing something really cool and wish we could have that. This time the celeb was PM himself. Narendra Modi was given a stole as a welcome token by Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, at a Mahashivratri event. The event was organised by Isha Foundation in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Stole has a picture of Adiyogi a form of Shiva. PM was wearing the stole almost all the time while he was present at the function.


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Having a huge fan following like that of PM Modi, you definitely gets noticed for what you are wearing. A girl simply tweeted that she wants the stole of Narendra Modi & boom, within 24 hours she received the stole from the PM.

This is what she tweeted!

Meanwhile I am like…

Image result for chandler and i just want a million dollars

It indeed ‘Stole’ my heart!

Team Khurki
Team Khurki
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