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TV Shows That Should Go Off Air Immediately!!

The time for some TV shows has ended. They need to be taken off air and shown the way out. They were trendy at one time, but now their time is simply gone.


With no offense to anyone, we request channel producers to take these shows off air.

1. Grey’s Anatomy

The show has had an amazing run, but it has nowhere to go now.

2. Homeland

The show lost its charm when Nicholas Brody died.


3. 2 Broke Girls

We are sorry to say this but the show needs to end because it is super racist.


4. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

We don’t want to see a Universe devoid of all superheroes.


5. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

We have had enough of them, please stop.


6. The Bachelorette

We don’t want to see women pulling out each other’s hair. Time to move on.


7. Sleepy Hollow

The magic has vanished and we don’t want to see a desperate show.


8. Heroes

The ratings have vanished and we hate the idea of Tim Kring as the main lead.


9. The Muppets

The channel totally ruined out childhood by making our favourite characters twisted.


10. Dance Moms

We want Abby Lee Millier to go home and rest now.



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