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Turban Blessings For Harman Singh All The Way To New Zealand



You must have read and heard of a very kind and caring episode that occurred in Auckland, New Zealand, about a Sikh helping a 6-year-old at a road crash.

The turban removal is a breach of Sikh protocol, but when it was about doing something for humanity, Harman Singh was there to turn the breach into being acceptable.

Yes, not only this, with this act Harman not only provided an exceptional example of being a decent member of the community but also popularised his religion. The Kiwi land is thousands of miles away from Punjab, but his deeds have made him a super boy of the whole country.

Talking about his poor lifestyle and poverty, he had a very bare rented accommodation. But saving a child’s life in an accident changed HIS life too. BIGSAVE Furniture Company in Auckland decided to donate every necessary furniture, including sofa sets, beds, dining furniture, settees and tables to Harman Singh.

Not only this, the world Pizza Giants DOMINO’S have announced a worldwide free veg-pizza offering for a period of 6 months.

This is really terrific but if one has to owe it back to his turban for all that, he is Harman. He claims all this accolades as a blessing from the Sikh lords and the sacred turban he adorns every morning he dresses up for work.

Harman emotionally accepted the gifts and said he was overwhelmed and speechless. And because of his act of humanity before religion, karma pays him back!!

TO WATCH this touching moment, go to the following link:

harman singh

Hats Off to you Harman!! Keep It Up!!

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