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Caution: Don’t Ever Think Of Trying These Things In Life!


Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!

I know i have no right to say this. After all it’s your life and your decisions. But being a well-wisher, I would want to guide you about the right things in your life. Life can be very complicated with jobs, relationships, family, exercise, sleep – you name it and we have it. We do have control over them, but we make certain mistakes that we regret later. So it’s time to change your actions and live without guilt. Don’t you want to know of trying these things in life?

Don’t leave your parents

One reason that you should not leave your parents alone in their old age is that they never let you get away from their sight when you were a kid. They brought you up in the best possible way in spite of many problems and pressures in life.


Never forget lessons of failure

Winning is good, but failure is the real teacher. Don’t forget what your past failures taught you.


Never give your heart away easily

One is blind in love, but avoid giving your heart to someone you know will definitely break it. Love someone who truly commits to protecting your heart and loving you till the end, no matter what.


Never underestimate anyone

I have had a couple of experiences when I met people who looked dumb. They didn’t speak and it was easy for everyone to dismiss them as unimportant. No one even considered them a competition. But it tuned out they were way ahead of everyone.


Speak not more than you are required

A fool can easily avoid being identified if he chooses to stay quiet. The moment you open your mouth, you give yourself away. Silence holds more power and gives you the probability of not getting caught.


Never dominate someone just because you can

You could be physically stronger or you could be rich with all the aces. What you do with that power defines you. There is no pride in over-powering someone just because you can. Use your strength wisely.

Never give someone hope and then take it away

Never ever show light at the end of the tunnel to someone and then let them down. It takes a lot of effort for some people to trust someone and keep the faith. Don’t let them down as it could be damaging for them.

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Don’t become too arrogant

Know the line between self respect and ego. Don’t be too arrogant to apologize when you make mistakes or hurt other people.

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Don’t ever give up

Never ever ever give up on your dreams. Deal with the failure. Not everyone is Einstein. Eventually you will find the path and reach success. Bear a bit more when you think about giving up. Please.

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Never try to body shame anyone

Remember that dude you called fat. He might not eat anything the next day. Words affect everyone, so never ever comment on how somebody looks.

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