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When love was defined by one man, he explained it with the acronym DDLJ.

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Starring Shahrukh Khan & Kajol, the magic created by this film was and is still unmatched. One of the biggest blockbusters-record breaker hit films is what Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is for you.

The romance in Bollywood was redefined by this film. And the followers of this film are still crazy about the concept and the characters of the films. Here’s a look at some of the scenes that any DDLJ lover would relate to even with closed eyes.

Kajol confesses to her mother about the man of her dreams

This is the scene which was indeed modern, as a girl of a typical Punjabi family opening about her love was not that common in those days. Farida Jalal as the mother was quite appreciated for her acting.

The epic first meeting of Raj & Simran

The first time this couple of the last so many decades met was an epic scene.

When Simran announces to the public that Raj is a professional pianist & SRK nails it!

Simran tries to get even with Raj after getting irritated of his flirtatious interaction with another girl.

Raj rescues Simran coming out of nowhere

Simran is not able to explain to the cops that she has lost all her luggage and passport. And Raj comes to her rescue….Mrs Raj Malhotro!

And the world-famous ‘original Palat’ scene

If you haven’t tried this in life, well you should now. If your girls turns to look at you, the happiness would be difficult to explain in words.

The hug that completely redefined reunion of lovers

Well, why not listen to the amazing song along with the scene…

Raj tries to impress Simran’s father

This is Raj, Raj comes all the way to India for his girl, 

Raj tries to impress her rude father, Raj succeeds,

Raj and Simran elope with the Dad’s permission,

So be like Raj.

Karwachauth, where Raj fasts for Simran

And the selfless and with-no-show-of-love of Raj is here in this video.

That epic scene of Jaa Simran Jaa…

And the scene none of us can forget for life.

Final reunion in the train…

And here is the extended part of Jaa Simran Jaa…a scene you just can’t miss.


How many of these could you relate with? Share with us….

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