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That’s What True Care Taking Is…What Say?



Nurses are known for taking care of patients till the day they leave their bed and even after that. It’s supposed to be a humble profession. But in a world where everyone is too busy in getting their daily jobs done, here’s one set of nurses who dance with their little patient to make her feel good..!!

True Care Taking

This little girl in the video is a cancer patient. Cancer is a terrible and scary experience for anyone to go through. When a young child is going through it, it’s extremely heartbreaking. Bless these amazing nurses for giving this child happiness.

This video is too sweet to watch – Beware:

What’s cutest is that the little one even knows the whole song by heart and in the end jumps and lays down laughing..!! Awwwwwwwww

Now that’s what I call a happy patient and kudos to the true care taking..!!

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