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Take An Awesome Trip In India In Under 5000 Bucks


Priya Aurora
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Don’t listen to people who tell you that travelling is a rich man’s hobby? If you are on a budget that does not mean that you cant go for a trip or travel.

India offers you a large gamut of getaways, which can be undertaken in less than Rs 5000.

Yes, you heard us right in less than 5000 bucks.

Read on and start planning:

1. Rishikesh


Go pay a visit to the home of river Ganga. If you are looking for a laid-back destination, then this is the location for you. Just catch a bus from Delhi, book a room in any ashram and have a blast.

2. Kasauli

If the hills are your true calling, then Kasauli is your dream destination. Board any train from Delhi to Kalka. Take a shared cab from Kalka and head here. You can choose from many budget hotels, remember the spectacular views come free.

3. Vrindavan


If your spiritual side is surging, then a visit to Vrindavan is a must. The city has loads of history, so pack a backpack and be ready to explore. Well connected by buses with all major cities.

4. Lansdowne


Lansdowne has managed to hold its own, despite the surge of tourists. Ideally located at 250 km from Delhi, you can catch a bus and be there in less than 1000 rupees. A genuine hill station that is sure to impress you on your trip.

5. Binsar


If a pristine destination where you get no phone signal is what you are looking for in a trip like this, then head to Binsar. It is a treat for bird lovers and is located at just 300 kms from Delhi. You can take a train from Delhi to Kothgodam. The train and the bus should not cost you more than Rs 1500. Pack some home food and get ready to see nature up-close.

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