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Have You Tried These Sindhi Dishes Yet? What Are You Waiting For!

Most people in India make the mistake of thinking that Sindhi and Parsi food is very similar. But in reality, they have a very rich cuisine of their own. Most dishes have a very unique flavor, which cannot be compared to any other cuisine of India.

Read on more about the best dishes in Sindhi cuisine:

1. Dharan Ji Kadhi

This is a very famous dish, made from chick-pea flour and tomato gravy. The dumplings in this gravy are simply delicious.


2. Malpua

We bet you didn’t know that Malpuas are originally a Sindhi dish. These are pancakes made from ricotta and dipped in sugar syrup. A favorite dessert for so many of us.

3. Batalu Jo Pulao

This is a very famous and simple rice dish, which you will get hooked onto. The main ingredients of this dish are dates, potatoes and onions.

4. Tuk

If you haven’t eaten tuk, you haven’t eaten anything. These are simple potato fries which are absolutely wonderful.

5. Sai Bhaaji

If your kiddo hates having his greens, then try this recipe for him. You can make it with spinach or fenugreek, it tastes absolutely delicious.

6. Seyal Murgh

This is a classic chicken recipe, which comes in the form of a very rich and creamy stew. You must not miss this for anything.

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