Travelling Alone? Keep These Tips Handy Before Booking !

If you are planning to travel to any of these countries, read our tips before you book your tickets, especially if you are a female traveler..!!

Here’s what you should know about travelling alone:

1. Brazil

The rape figures of the country have risen by 150%. It is the most dangerous place for a female, as there are higher chances of getting kidnapped. Be wary of strangers.

2. Amsterdam

It is a haven for drugs, sex and of course, rock ‘n’ roll. But on the whole, people are respectful and you will feel comfortable. You can go to the Bols cocktail museum, as well as numerous other museums, walk around the canals, visit coffee shops and so many more tourist destinations and be totally safe. However, you may want to be wary of pickpockets in popular destinations.

3. Northern Africa


The country offers you a long list of treasures. But stay far away from the conflict zones. It is inadvisable to travel alone.

4. Japan

The only thing you need to worry about is to stay away from the Fukushima power plant. On the whole, the country is very safe. The nightlife should be avoided, unless you wish to get robbed.

5. The Middle East

You might think you are very brave, but is the risk worth it?? Stay away from the troubled areas in Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq. Don’t make eye contact with strange men and read up on your rights before you go.

6. Australia

The first image that pops in your mind is beaches, sun and great food. Most of this continent is very safe, but they have their share of crimes too. Avoid a walk in the night and carry a good stock of sun tan lotion during the day.

7. Russia

If you want to avoid attention from strange men, wear a wedding ring. On the whole, if you behave yourself you should be ok. Avoid crowded public places.

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