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Travel Tips On Not To Get Sick When Roaming On Dharti Maa!


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When you travel in India, you need guts of steel. The foreign microbes at every corner can ruin your plan in no time. We urge you to take some basic precautions when roaming on Dharti Maa which will keep you safe and protected. We urge you to follow our plan if you want to avoid a mess.

Do not drink tap water

No matter where you are, the Himalayas, the backwaters of Kerala or the tea plantations of Assam, do not drink straight from the tap. Always buy bottled water. If possible even brush your teeth with it and be wary of the ice too.

Image Source
Image Source

 Try and be a vegetarian

If you don’t want to test your guts, then avoid eating meat from the streets. Indians are primarily vegetarians, so try some new foods. Vegetarian dishes will be fresh and easily available.

Image Source
Image Source

Avoid half-cooked cheese

India is not highly recommended to have cheese. The choice is limited and it might be uncooked. Stale cheese can give you a nasty infection, steer clear of it. So next time you order pasta avoid the extra cheese. If you really long to have cheese, try some paneer.

Image Source
Image Source

Eat eggs very carefully

Avoid ordering the sunny sides up in India. Always order eggs in fully cooked versions. Or just stick to the simple curries. Indians have a host of breakfast options, try a parantha instead.

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Image Source

Drink milk at home

Avoid lassi, milk when travelling on the streets. Drinking milk can be a tricky business, the milk might be ok but the water mixed in it might be bad. So you either use your judgement or just drink black coffee.

Image Source
Image Source

Do not eat fruit from the streets

The fruit in all probability has been washed with tap water. It has been lying on the street since many hours. If you have to eat fruit, peel it yourself. And always sanitize your hands before eating it.

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Image Source

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