It’s Not Just Looks That Attract A Man…These 5 Traits Do!

The society in which we live has a very distinct thought process. It has a tendency to think that men are attracted towards women who appeal to their eyes. No doubt this is true to some extent, but where marriage is concerned the scene can be slightly different. You must have seen a very handsome man happily married to an average-looking woman. This clearly reflects that there is something else in women which attract a man more than their appearance. Though, we can’t speak for the entire male population, but here are a few traits that we at Khurki find incredibly attractive in a woman:


5. Confidence

Men prefer women who are original in their way of thinking, someone who doesn’t follow latest fads blindly. They want someone who has her own unique way of dressing, walking and talking. Confident women don’t demand attention or seek approval from others. She is someone who knows what she wants and goes for it.


Manisha Jessani
"Simple yet complicated, upfront yet sophisticated! I have a knack of knowing people, maybe because of what I've seen in life or maybe I was born with it. I wanna leave my mark!"