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Trailer for ‘The Jungle Book’ is Out. Check Here First!


My excitement levels have gone very high after watching Bagheera fight for his friend Mowgli with Sher Khan.

Yes my friends, it’s time for the world to see the first trailer and to be kids all over again. The trailer is so amazing and I am sure you will love it and be more excited than me to see this movie now.

Watch the trailer for Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’ here…..

And The Bare Necessities in the end is just woww!! And how can we miss this one of the most memorable & amazing numbers from the original ‘Jungle Book’…

Watch it here:

Indian-American Neel Sethi plays the lead role in “The Jungle Book”.

Neel was chosen from among thousands of children who auditioned for the part of the little boy raised in a jungle by a pack of wolves. According to NBC News, the director of “The Jungle Book” Jon Favreau of Iron Man fame, describes Neel as a charismatic and talented child with tremendous potential.

So guys let’s all board the hype train to The Jungle!! Choo! Choo!

‘The Jungle Book’ is set to release on April 15.



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