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This Year, Eliminate Toxic People From Your Life!

We all know of the fact that “company matters a lot”. But there are certain elements in our life who enter and by the time we realise that they are not good for us, we have already become like them! TOXIC!

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Some people have the habit of entering our life and changing it according to their own comfort. Be it a friend, relative or a coworker, all you need to really know is that there should be a safe distance kept in each inter-personal relationship to maintain ones integrity.

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Let KHURKI tell you the types of toxic people who should be immediately eliminated from your life:

Self Obsessed Weirdos

These people are all about themselves be it their hair, looks, body language or even their diet. No mirror can pass without them staring at themselves in it! These people can actually turn down your self confidence and turn you into merely an assistant.

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Basically, the fake friends cum manipulative friends! These people tend to have a very strong manipulative sense and turn things completely in their favour always. Finally, when they are done, they’ll leave you high and dry but well the damage has already been done.

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We all love getting comments and likes on our newly uploaded pics but some people tend to get over board when it comes to stalking. You will see then liking a lot of pictures on your page and needless to say, the first like on each pic is by them! Beware, sometimes these stalkers can turn into highly obsessed freaks.

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The Office Bully

We all have those people who flaunt their expertise and style in office. They get super excited about appraisals and get really turned off when they are not appreciated for their work. Finally, they throw their weight at fellow workers. Take due care of the fact that if it’s the others today, it can certainly be you tomorrow. Do you really want a dictator in office?

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The Secretists

There’s always something super sexy about people who are secretive but don’t let that attract you too much. Secrets can lead to inner tension and end even the strongest of relationships. Let the enigmas go on their mysterious way and focus on people who reciprocate your honesty and openness.

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Team Khurki
Team Khurki
KHURKI is a character who's sarcastic by birth and has sarcasm running in its veins in place of blood. Its bitter-sour tongue gives it the edge!


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