Top 10 Qtiya Situations Of School Life We All Faced!


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When we talk about school life, we all talk about love, friendship, teachers and what not. I am not giving any different stuff but here are the top 10 “Qtiya” (Urban Dictionary – Chutiya) situations of school life.

Undoubtedly, we all had fun during those golden school days but what about those situations when you found the school life nothing but chutiyapa!! For those who could get through these points and you will relate every single thing you have faced.

Khurki brings you the top Qtiya situations of school life:

When you completed the homework by staying up all night, and next day teacher didn’t show up


When you were supposed to sit in a no electricity lecture..grr


Those days when sports teacher didn’t allow you to go to sports ground


Controlling your laughter at the wrong English of a Hindi-speaking teacher


When your crush didn’t show up for the day


When you & your best friend were made on sit separate seats


When the subject teacher didn’t allow sports/annual day practice


When there was no water in water cooler/washrooms


When you were blamed/punished for something you hadn’t done


The first visit to science lab was no less than a science city tour


When a lenient teacher behaved strictly and rudely with you

amole palekar

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