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Top Celebrated Gay Pride Events Of USA!


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The gay community feels most at home in USA. And, in order to celebrate their way of life, they hold massive parades to display their choice and freedom of thought.

We have for you today, a list of some of the most celebrated gay pride events in the USA.

Let’s take a look…

1. Miami Beach Gay Parade

Held in: Mid April

Location: Miami


If you want to see strength, beauty and talent at its best, then go have a look at the Miami Beach Gay Parade. A massive one-lakh people attend it every year.

2. Capital Pride

Held in: Early June

Location: Washington, DC


This is the fourth largest gay event in the USA. It goes on for nine days in a row. The event is rich in cultural diversity and celebrates several civil rights issues and gay rights.

3. Boston Gay Parade

Held in: Early June

Location: Boston


The event is attended by almost 50,000 people every year. The event has been going on for almost 50 years. From politics to food, you will find it all here.

4. NYC March

Held in: Mid June

Location: Fifth Avenue – New York


The parade celebrates the rights of the community since 1969. Just walk down the Fifth Avenue and watch this extravaganza. One of the most famous gay events in this world.

5. San Francisco Gay Parade

Held in: Late June

Location: San Francisco


In this parade, you will see three hundred exhibitors and more than twenty venues and stages. This massive event is eagerly awaited and is a mega event.

6. Chicago Gay Parade

Held in: Late June

Location: Chicago


This mega event is being held for 40 years. You get to see around 250 floats and some of the craziest costumes. The message you get here is of freedom, acceptance and fun.

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