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Top Five Health Concerns For Men Revealed


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A new study has revealed the five most common health issues in men and how to prevent them.

A lot of men think going to the doctor is just one more thing on a seemingly endless “to do” list, but to get all those other “to dos” done men need to starting thinking about their health and making it a priority.

The top five health concerns for men is:

1. Heart Disease

Men have a higher risk of heart attacks than women and these risks increase when there is family history of the disease. Heart disease risks also increase if a man smokes, has high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes.

Exercise and diet are extremely important in preventing heart attacks. Routine preventive care appointments with a primary care physician also can help identify most of these risk factors, and modification and treatment of these risks factors can help decrease the risk as well.

2. Sleep Apnea

Millions of people suffer from sleep apnea and need resmed cpap machines to help get a good nights sleep. Subtle symptoms include snoring, waking up frequently in the night to urinate, headaches in the morning or waking up with a dry mouth. Many men’s health issues can be helped if they take steps to manage their sleep apnea, the most important of which is using CPAP Direct Machines which manually keep your airways open through the night so you can get a decent nights sleep, or more pressingly, wake up in the morning! Sleep apnea can have a fatal impact in severe cases. Additionally, visiting sites such as oakstreet.dental may help them find a solution to dealing with this issue a lot better than before.

3. High Blood Pressure

Family history and obesity are two of the leading causes of high blood pressure. Weight loss can decrease the risk of developing the disease. A low-sodium diet also can help when battling high blood pressure. Many people think that means just avoiding salt, but it’s more than that; it’s a lifestyle.

4. High Cholesterol

A man can have high cholesterol even if there is no family history. Diet and exercise are key to preventing this disease. Diet and exercise are the best way to help prevent high cholesterol. When you have high cholesterol it means that you’re at serious risk of having little to no insurance coverage or having a huge price to pay for your insurance. This is where companies like Special Risk Managers may be able to help and advise you on what to do if this situation were to arise. It is very important to get coverage if you have any of these illnesses.

5. Colon Cancer

Early detection is important for battling colon cancer so a colonoscopy should be done every 10 years after the age of 50 or earlier if there is a family history. If caught early, the prognosis for colon cancer is good.

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