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Top 11 Happiest Countries, India Is Definitely ‘Not’ Among Them


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Happiness is surely a state of mind. But, what if the surroundings also contributed to raising that quotient? We have for you today a list of nations that have been shortlisted as the happiest nations on our planet.

So if you are planning to immigrate to a safer and happier nation, check out our list. Top 11 Rank Wise Happiest Countries In The World. Sadly, India Is ‘NOT’ One of them.

Number 11 – Ireland

The nation stands at number 3 where it comes to safety. People are extremely happy here.


Number 10 – Canada

The nation tops the list when it comes to personal freedom. The people are extremely tolerant. Ask any Punjo?


Number 9 – Brunei

People here are very happy and healthy because the government picks up their entire bill for health.


Number 8 – Bhutan

Their economy might be small but their growth pattern is strong and steady. Their culture only spreads happiness.


Number 7 – Sweden

Social equality is their strongest point and they are high on environmental protection too.


Number 6 – Finland

Religion is not a big thing here. They stand third when it comes to literacy in the world.


Number 5 – Bahamas

The GDP of this island nation makes it the richest in America.


Number 4 – Iceland

It is one of the safest nations and happiest too.


Number 3 – Austria

The nation gives full freedom to its citizens to choose their course of life. People are happy and content.


Number 2 – Switzerland

The nation has set benchmarks in health, economy and governance for other nations to follow. It looks really pretty in real, not just in Yash Raj movies.


Number 1 – Denmark

They nation stands first, due to high levels of connectivity and social equality.


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