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Top 10 Dilli-est Movies We All Love From Apna Bollywood



Mumbai is the city where films are made, actors live and Bollywood exists. But a place like Delhi is a film in itself.

Movies are always an important part of our lives but when we Dilliwaalas see our lives on a big screen, it means a lot. Movies being shot at a real location is always a tough task for the maker, and if the real location is Dilli it’s even tougher.

Every movie with even a shot of Delhi receives huge appreciation from the city. It is always fun to see your daily life happenings, those roads & gallis on a silver screen.

Khurki also loves the city for unlimited reasons and thus brings to you top 10 movies which showcased Delhi & the lives of Dilli ki janta very well.


Four Delhi boys with a greed & need of making money with short-cut increase their troubles and also get involved with a woman toughie. The movie was basically shot in Delhi and captured the true flavour of the city.


This one’s is all about love and hope and of course the zindagi in Delhi. It also shows how superstitious, racist, and chaotic the situation of Delhi & its people is. Not only that, it also depicts the love dilliwaalas have for each other.


Abhishek Bachchan is new to Delhi and falls in love with Bhoomika Chawla, the sister of an overprotective gangster. And the comic character of Vijay Raaz, who comes to Delhi, gets looted beaten-up and operated for his kidneys and what not.

Vicky Donor

A boy next door catches the eye of a fertility doctor and the story is all about how he becomes his best sperm donor & makes a lot of money out of it. Later, how the love life of this Delhi boy becomes miserable because of being a sperm donor is the theme the movie revolves around.


Story of a desi Delhi girl whose fiancee refuses to get married three days before the D-day. But the story is not sad. It later depicts how she plans her honeymoon alone and travels the world on her own fighting burglars and loneliness. Later, the Queen makes friends, fools around with them and then returns her engagement ring when she comes back with the pride of an empowered woman.

Rang De Basanti

Story of a group of friends, who are students at the Delhi University. A British lady wanting to make a patriotic Hindi documentary meets them & that’s the turnaround point in their lives. They lose their Air Force officer friend whose jet crashes because of corruption by the defense ministry in buying the machinery. Later, it turns into a revenge saga & a fight against the corrupt authorities.

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye

Love & Life of a burglar & all the fun in being a thief is what OLLY is all about. Both the media & police is after Lucky, but he walks away free as he’s a confident bluffmaster and a lover at the same time.

Delhi Belly

It’s about the struggle in the life of three roommates in Delhi and their constant failure in their lives and how they become a prey of ruthless gangster.


Struggles of a college student in Delhi, and his fight for music & love. How he becomes a successful yet exploited musician and an intense lover at the same time.

No One Killed Jessica

Based on the true incident of a murder of a model by powerful politician’s son. How a journalist gets involved in the case and brings the girl justice is what the movie is all about.

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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