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Ranjit Bawa As Toofan Singh In Upcoming Punjabi Film


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The inspirational new film ‘Toofan Singh‘ tells the life story of Shaheed Baba Jugraj Singh Toofan and his pursuit for justice and equality.

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Starring Ranjit Bawa, Shefali Sharma, Yashpal Sharma, Raza Murad, Deepraj Rana, Sardar Sohi, Sunita Dhir, Jarnail Singh, Narinder Nina, Harry Sharan this upcoming movie by Virasat Films is surely spreading all the right kinda waves.

Jugraj Singh was 14-15 years of age when Indira Gandhi ordered the army attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib in 1984. The destruction of Sri Akal Takht Sahib left Jugraj Singh saddened and his religious emotions came to the boiling point. He decided to fight against the injustice being carried out against Sikhs in their own country and dedicated his life to the Sikh cause from 1984 to April 1990.

As said in the visual – ‘Azadi Muft Nai Mildi Ehda Mull Utaarna Penda Hai’:

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