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15 Tips For Men On How To Nurture Their Relationship!

Relationships stay long when they are nurtured well. Efforts are required to maintain the newness and excitement in a relationship, as love is easy to find but hard to keep.Ever wondered what are the things that your girl finds adorable about you? Have you tried best tips that would make your girl like you even more?

If you have been able to figure out those core qualities that your girl likes about you, then you would probably work on strengthening those qualities further and doing those things repetitively so that she finds you attractive for all times to come.

Here are the tips for men and sweet-sweet gestures to attract your girl even more…

1 Hold her hand in public

2 Falling asleep in each other’s arms

3 Have a romantic side

4 Send random sweet text messages

5 Take selfies with her

6 Hug her from back

7 Pillow fight together

8 Be patient with her

9 Act like a little kid with her

10 Make her laugh

11 Make pinky promises

12 Take her out for ice cream

13 Don’t let her walk away

14 Play with her hair

15 Love her infinitely



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