Five Helpful Tips For Would-Be Mamas To Handle Pregnancy Blues!


It’s only 2 pm and you already feel exhausted and wish to call it a day. You want to be happy and joyous. Instead, you are facing pregnancy blues and have no idea how to stay positive. Becoming a mom is one of the greatest joys in any woman’s life. It’s the most amazing and rewarding experience, but it’s a bit scary and stressful too. That’s why some find it helps to do enjoyable things like a pregnancy photo shoot. This can help you to feel beautiful and adjust to your new, bigger body. Others also enjoy Minneapolis newborn photography shoots when the baby is born so that they have something to cherish as they move from the pregnancy stage to the baby stage. Here’s a list of other suggestions on how to beat negative emotions and remain positive through the nine-month journey and beyond:

Go out

One of the biggest mistakes new moms-to-be make is to lock themselves in the house. By doing so, you are only inviting more despair. Go out feel the sunlight and mother nature. We know pregnancy is a very demanding stage of your life, but a little fresh air and sunlight will help you fight those pregnancy blues.



Dress up

Everyone likes to look good, so why avoid dressing up and applying makeup when you are pregnant? It’s ok to be messy and unkempt sometimes, but you’ll feel much better if you make an effort to dress up occasionally. Push yourself to look your best, put on makeup and wear a pretty dress. You won’t be able to fight the blues if you stay dirty and messy. And, you can fake tan while pregnant but stay off the beds – try to avoid strong UV too as your skin will be more sensitive and susceptible to burning.



Take up a class

Most of the hospitals organise free classes for expecting mothers, such as yoga classes and educational classes on childbirth. Here, you get the opportunity to interact with other expecting women and it’s even comforting to know you are not the only one going through all this.



Discuss your situation with elders

Don’t keep your feelings of despair and self-loathing to yourself, as it can prove to be unhealthy for you and the baby. Try discussing your thoughts with your mom, friend or partner, they will be ready to help and cheer you up.



Maintain a healthy diet

Many women think they can eat anything during pregnancy. No, you are wrong. What you eat can significantly alter your mood and in some cases, impact your sleeping pattern too. It is advised to go for all follow-up examinations, your OB/GYN will suggest you what to eat and which food to avoid depending on your blood pressure and sugar levels.



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Manisha Jessani
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