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Tiger Woods Comes Clean: I Did Not Cheat on Lindsey!


Prachi Sehgal
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Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn have indeed split but sources close to the former say cheating rumors that have plagued him again are baseless.

Almost immediately after the golf great and skiing champ announced their split via individual statements, the Internet went wild with speculation. One report alleged that Woods cheated on Lindsey Vonn and got dumped.

A throwback to his insane sex scandal that linked him with dozens of women while he was married to Elin Nordegren, the rumor caught fire.

But sources close to Woods say there is no Rachel Uchitel or anyone else involved, and that the breakup truly was amicable and mutual.

“I know everyone is hoping for a cheating scandal, but it’s not,” says a member of Woods’ inner circle, however, “There was no real drama.”

Instead, the insider insists, the couple’s split was much more ordinary. After three years together, the high-profile stars simply grew apart.

“This was just a relationship that didn’t last,” says the source, given their schedules and other factors. “It didn’t work out. They moved on.”

“What Tiger and Lindsey said is true … their busy schedules and lives sunk their relationship. But they don’t hate each other. Not at all.”

Although the split reportedly wasn’t Woods’ choice, he harbours no ill will.

“Tiger is really disappointed that this didn’t work out,” admits the source.

“But he respects Lindsey so much and understands why it had to end.”

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