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Time To Throw Your Bad Luck Out Of The Window!


Priya Aurora
Bon vivant, writer extraordinaire. Can be reached at: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail me

Do you feel that your bad luck follows you from place to place? Then we have just the tricks for you to dodge it.

Follow our simple tricks and start feeling lucky again!

1. Start burning incense daily


Such a simple thing to do and you just need to spare five minutes in the day for it.

Tip: Buy jasmine or sandalwood and always burn an odd number

2. Keep a footless rabbit as pet


According to the Greek, if you bring home a rabbit that does not have a foot, he also brings along a huge bag of good luck for you.

3. The world-famous four leaf clover


The four leaf clover is very popular in the western world. If you find one keep it safe.

4. Wear a key for luck


Key charms are another great way to keep the evil away. And if you get a charm that has three keys, then get all set to open the doors to love, health and wealth.

5. Spare some time for prayer


If you say a sincere prayer every day, the Almighty is sure to look for you. Don’t even try to bargain with him.

6. Get a gold fish home


The Chinese believe that if you keep a goldfish in an aquarium, it brings you good luck.

And if you need loads of it, then keep eight gold fish with one black fish.

This is why many Chinese casinos depict goldfish in their artwork or incorporate it into their games both online and in the land casinos. In fact, most of these good luck charms can be found in casinos as it is where people understandably want to feel that luck is on their side. The next time you are testing your new-found luck and playing games, whether it be that you are heading to a casino or playing them online at sites like www.paybyphonebillcasino.uk/, maybe look out for a few of these good luck indicators.

There are plenty of options to see just how lucky you really are, perhaps even test before and after trying some of these methods. You might find that your luck has turned as they say!

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