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Three Sweet Words Women Love To Hear Other Than ‘I Love You’!



There is nothing wrong in expressing love and more often the better it sounds. Saying ‘I Love You’ is one nice way to make the other person feel connected with you. Except that when you say it so often, the phrase might sound routine. But there are some other words  when used for someone you love can make them feel wanted and happy. Here are some suggestions Khurki has for you. Use these words in place of the standard ‘I Love You’…

I Respect You

These three words mean a lot to anybody. Respect is something that needs to be acknowledged by the second person. It has the essence of politeness and security, that I respect you, I respect the way you are, you inspire me. That even if I disagree with your opinion, I respect it and we can agree to disagree without starting a fight.

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With You, Always

The most unparalleled words women love to hear all the time. Even more than I love you.

I Miss You

This is powerful because your presence is special for someone you love truly.

Hold My Hand

When you feel down and hear this from your loved one you feel on top of the world.

You Complete Me

This creates way more magic than saying ‘I Love You’ because that will make her feel so special and lucky.

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Food Is Ready

Believe me, not just women but men will so be happy hearing this, as everyone just loves food.

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Let’s Go Shopping

Shopping is a woman thing and they can actually go crazy about it. Ask your lady out shopping and you will see a big smile on her face.

Don’t Leave Me

If you really need her presence in your life, you must say this to her.

We Made It

Going through the ups & down, all the challenges that life threw at you and all the problems you faced together really needs a compliment on how you stuck together for a life time no matter how hard the time and situation.

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I Trust you

It’s a bliss to listen to these three words. Trust is the fundamental basis of human interaction and relationships.

Wanna Eat Panipuri?

Haha…completely out of blues but trust me there is no better way to start a conversation than by asking out someone for a panipuri challenge. Go ahead. Or you can go down on one knee with a paanipuri in your hand.

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I Understand You

I mean nothing beats this. Just nothing. Especially in some societies in India, a woman has to go through a lot of struggle before she reaches places that a man reaches effortlessly. These are the words coming from a loved one that give her the power and determination to go and get what she wants in life.

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Proud Of You

Appreciate your daughter, your wife or girlfriend and make them feel valued and accepted by you.

You Deserve It

When she achieved something after lot of struggle.

You Are Beautiful

When on date, do say it to your bae.

Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!

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