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Beware, Do Not Try A Thong In These Circumstances!


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You might be a modern woman who has a drawer full of thongs. Nevertheless, you too could go terribly wrong when it comes to wearing a thong. More than anything, wearing a thong daily might turn out to be more of a health hazard. Read on and educate yourself, please.

A thong beneath a short skirt is a very bad idea

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Image Source

A short skirt might hitch up when you sit down. Which means your back side will be touching the public places with bare skin. Imagine the bacteria and virus you are exposing yourself too. Stick to bikini briefs under a skirt.

A thong at the gym makes no sense at all

Image Source
Image Source

You obviously cannot do yoga or run about in a thong. IN all probability, you will make your skin sore and also get a nasty infection. And please remember that you will be most uncomfortable.

A long day out, no thongs please

Image Source
Image Source

When you know you have a long day, wear your most comfortable briefs. Wear thongs only on a hot date, not on a day you are expected to work.

No thongs when you are unwell

Image Source
Image Source

When you are down with an infection, your body is already under stress. Don’t invite urinary tract infections additionally by wearing thongs. Stay clean and safe.

A thong can smell trouble in discharges

Image Source
Image Source

If you have a nasty problem of discharge, then avoid a thong at all costs. The acids in the discharge can irritate the pubic area and the thong will only aid the spread of infection. Imagine the discomfort that it will cause.

A thong has no place in a pregnancy

Image Source
Image Source

During pregnancy, the immunity of a woman is lowered. A thong will only make her chances of catching an infection very high.

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