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Do These Things For Yourself In 2016! Make It Special!


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It’s a New Year! Don’t worry we are not asking you to make new resolutions. Just asking you to treat yourself as special and take better care of yourself.

Please do some of these things and feel the joy return to your otherwise normal boring life.

Look good, feel good

Invest in a good moisturizer and apply it generously, every morning and night.

look good_khurki.net

Separate wheat from the chaff

Unfriend people who make you feel ordinary and like a loser. Also unsubscribe from all newsletters you put in trash, without reading.


Bring out the creativity, ahem!

Order yourself an adult colouring book and spend some time with yourself, in peace and quiet.

Learn to prioritise…

Keep a slot for yourself, when you sit in silence, with your phone switched off.


Be picky in food

Be a little aware of what you eat and avoid dumping each and everything in your tummy.

amazing foods

Think about future…

Make an earnest effort to save more money. Set a realistic goal and try to meet it.


Adopt decency as the new mantra

Make a conscious effort to dress neatly and decently.

decent dressing_khurki.net

Be conscious of nature

When you see a pretty flower, stop to smell it.

feel the nature_khurki.net

Quality time with parents

When you call your parents, make a genuine effort to share your day with them.

parents and children_khurki.net

Sharing is caring

When somebody offers to share their food with you, say yes.



Make this year truly yours. Own it up completely and truly!

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