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Surprising But True! 15 Things That You Find In An Indian Gym!



Going to the gym is in vogue. But unlike gyms abroad, our Indian gyms can be very shocking. You will find everything except fitness here. However, if you are an Indian gymgoer that is looking to maximise their workout efforts, you may want to have a look at some advice on when to take bcaas. BCAAs are supplements that are helpful in supporting growth and repair, but when misused, they could potentially have negative effects on your body.


We have for you a list of things that you must have experienced in an Indian gym.

1. When you lift weights to songs of Tanu Weds Manu Returns


2. Trainers who are unfit themselves and have big paunches

3. Getting stared at by creepy uncles, who think that nobody is looking


4. Slimy uncles who wear tight and super tight shorts and think they are looking cool

5. Cleaning boys who tell you which protein to have and how many crunches to do


6. Trainers who only like gym members they can flirt with

7. Sexy guys who walk in in full branded gear but work out for less than a hour


8. Women who click more selfies, than working out

9. Manner-less folks who plug their phones into the speaker of the gym


10. Boys who keep staring at themselves in the mirror


11. Smart asses who try to exercise under the AC

12. People who sing like crows on the treadmill

13 Dirty people who use any machine without cleaning it with a towel first


14. Instructions form which has words like – byseps, latiralraice, crunshes, etc.

15. The dust all around and the stinking carpet

Also see the types of people you will find in an Indian gym:

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