Things When Parents Will Definitely Say Log Kya Kahenge!

Things When Parents

What are the things when parents are almost instinctively expected to say these three words the most!

The most important people in the lives of Indian parents are the “chaar log”. And for the kids, their parents are the part of chaar log.


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We don’t even care about what these imaginary “four people” are doing in their lives. But all we know is they indirectly try to control our lives via our parents. And, our poor parents don’t even realize that the use of this “log kya kahenge” weapon is ruining the happiness of their poor child, who could be a teen or even an adult or may be a parent himself. Hope you are getting what we mean.

Some examples of things when parents will be heard lamenting:


11. If you don’t score well in class 10th & 12th

These uncles of family are a curse for all the kids.



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